Let's Save our Jewish Federation & Community Centre!

2023/24 Annual UJA Campaign

The Windsor Jewish Federation & Community Centre is facing a crucial moment characterized by a dwindling population and financial struggles. In 2022, the community grappled with a significant net loss exceeding $120,000 due to rising utility and maintenance costs. The outlook for 2023 is even grimmer, with projections forecasting a likely deficit escalation to $150,000. Additionally, a decrease in membership has been experienced due to our disproportionately aging population. 



Despite vigorous fundraising initiatives and cost-saving measures, the Windsor Jewish Federation & Community Centre continues to wrestle with the combined impact of financial and demographic challenges, which is endangering our very survival. We urgently implore the community to support this year's campaign, emphasizing the pivotal role that the Windsor Jewish Federation & Community Centre plays as a cultural hub and advocacy arm of the Jewish community. Unfortunately, funds generated through our most recent campaigns are insufficient to offset spiraling expenses, especially in light of post-COVID inflation. At this critical juncture, we are calling for support from both ongoing and new donors, underlining that every contribution, regardless of its size, carries tremendous importance in safeguarding the community's future.



Our small but mighty Jewish community depends on the compassion and commitment of our members to collectively take action now. The Windsor Jewish Federation & Community Centre's history of service and support is at serious risk, making united efforts to overcome these challenges vital for guaranteeing a strong community now and for future generations. By standing together, contributing generously, and preserving our heritage, the community will chart a course forward, upholding the values of education, anti-discrimination and service.

The staff of the Windsor Jewish Federation oversee five independent entities, which provide programs and social services to members of the Windsor Jewish Community of all ages: 


1.  Windsor Jewish Community Centre – Jewish cultural programming 
2. IL Peretz Senior Corporation – Houses over 100 senior residents 
3. United Jewish Appeal – Annual campaign to sustain our Jewish organizations 
4. Windsor Jewish Communal Projects – Owns the assets of the Jewish Community Centre  
5. Windsor Jewish Community Endowment Fund – Invests endowments for the long-term  financial sustainability of the Jewish community

We take great pride in sharing the following advancements and achievements accomplished by the Windsor Jewish Federation and Community Centre: 

Life & Legacy – Our inaugural year of the LIFE & LEGACY initiative exceeded expectations, securing over $1.25 million in estimated commitments. These funds will be allocated to the Jewish Community Endowment Fund of Windsor, ensuring perpetual financial backing for the WJCC, Chabad of Windsor, Congregation Beth El, and Congregation Shaar Hashomayim. Notably, more than $500,000 of these commitments have been allocated specifically to benefit the Windsor Jewish Community Centre. 


Program Enhancements – Our commitment to diverse programming has led to the introduction of several engaging initiatives, including educational sessions on combating anti-Semitism in collaboration with the Greater Essex County District School Board, the observance of Windsor Pride Shabbat, enlightening accounts from Dan Brotman about his expeirnces in Afghanistan under Taliban rule, a screening of the thought-provoking film "10 Questions for Henry Ford" followed by a Q&A with the director, participation in Shabbat Across Canada, a pivotal event addressing anti-Semitism at the University of Windsor, and an insightful reading and discussion by the authors of "The Ones Who Remember: Second-Generation Voices of the Holocaust," shedding light on the trauma experienced by the descendants of Holocaust survivors, as well as a captivating Jewish/Israeli themed concert featuring Tracy Atin and the Light of East Ensemble stands among our lineup of new and captivating offerings. 


J Welcome Home Windsor – With a commitment to rejuvenating our unique Jewish community, which faces distinctive challenges of aging and demographic shifts unlike any other in Canada, we have successfully launched the J Welcome Home Windsor program. This initiative particularly targets Jewish immigrants, hailing from regions such as South Africa, Israel, Brazil, and Argentina. In the recent past, we had the pleasure of extending a warm welcome to the Zeller family in September. At present, our active support is directed towards six additional families in the process of relocating to our city. 


Enhanced Senior Programming  – Responding to the needs of our senior community members, we have expanded senior programming to span four days a week, providing a warm and inclusive space for all members of the Jewish community in their golden years.